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After his parents mysteriously go missing, thirteen-year-old Thomas Crowley is sent to live with his godmother, Alice Ravenwood, and her elderly Scottish housekeeper, Dougal.


Having previously known nothing of his godmother’s existence, Tom is further surprised to learn that Alice is in fact a globe-trotting field agent for the shadowy Mythological Society. Their mission: to protect the planet from all manner of extra-dimensional threats.


When Alice and Dougal are despatched on a mysterious assignment to the West Country of England, Tom must join them. There he befriends Prisha ‘Pree’ Laghari, and the two of them are thrown head-first into an adventure that will change their lives forever.


What is causing tremors underneath the town of Glastonbury? What connects a village postman with a martyred knight? What exactly does Alice Ravenwood keep locked up in her basement?


Tom must discover the answers to these questions if he’s to survive his new life with Alice and the Mythological Society.


Book One in the Malevolent and Divine sequence.


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