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Progress Report - December 2023

Hello Tellerites! (Tellerists? No, perhaps not...). Finally, after nearly two years of blood, sweat, tears, tea, cats and chocolate, Alice has been unleashed upon the world! That's right, last month (1st November, to be precise...) saw the much anticipated release of my debut novel, Alice Ravenwood and the Tomb of Saint George. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who bought it, supported it, tweeted about it, read it and reviewed it. Without you bunch of great people, Alice would be merely wandering the digital halls of Amazon's online warehouse. Instead, she has broken free, and is now causing all sorts of havoc in reader's hands. The reviews I've received so far have been overwhelmingly positive, which is obviously fantastic, but there are many more on their way from advance readers. Meanwhile, I'm continuing to spread the word online and in person, so it's merely just a matter of time before the world of Alice, Dougal, Tom, Pree and the Mythological Society becomes a global phenomenon.

Ring ring! Hello who's speaking? Hollywood, you say? Yes please, I would indeed be interested in a multi-movie adaptation of my book series with British actor Emily Blunt in the title role. Many thanks for asking...

Who really knows what the future holds? Until I get that elusive phone call, I will continue full steam ahead with the Malevolent and Divine sequence of books. Next up is Alice Ravenwood and the Lost City of Z, which I hope to release in November 2024. A direct sequel to ...the Tomb of Saint George, this book will see Tom and Pree take part in the Mythological Society 'trials' in an attempt to become fully-fledged members of that madcap, mysterious organisation. Meanwhile, Alice and Dougal must try to get to the bottom of the villainous 'Cabal of the Ancients' and their schemes. I can't say much more about it, but I can promise more thrilling action sequences, plenty of monstrous mythological creatures, a healthy dose of groan-inducing gags and a plethora of new characters to meet.

I am also beginning to plot book three, currently titled Alice Ravenwood and the Curse of the Sunken City. I can say absolutely nothing about this one yet. Nothing at all. Suffice it to say, it will be a novel of Atlantean proportions...

That's quite an endeavour you've taken on, I hear you cry! A new novel in the series every year? How will you accomplish such a feat?

The truth is, I may not. Writing a novel is hard work. Writing a novel in your spare time whilst also working is harder still. On top of that, life tends to send unexpected curve balls in your direction on a regular basis. All in all, the chances of yours truly completing a novel in twelve months is pretty slim, but I plan to soldier on regardless.

That being said, it may surprise you to learn that I have other Alice Ravenwood projects percolating in the background. Not only am I planning on having ...the Tomb of Saint George adapted into an audiobook sometime in the near future, it has also been my intention for a long time to write and produce a 'choose your own adventure' style gamebook, in which the reader becomes a new member of the Mythological Society and must make their way through a brand-new adventure, making decisions and battling malevolent entities. I've not progressed much further than the planning phase at this stage, so it may not see the light of day for a few years at least.

That is it for now. I wish all Tellerites a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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